What does the 2014 have in store for theBitterSideofSweet?2014

I don’t make resolutions because who wants to set their self up for failure or disappointment. What I do like to make are goals and work toward making those happen. Today I thought I would get a little personal and open up a bit about what this New Year may bring for me. It is somewhat difficult to actually write this because I feel like I am opening a window and giving you a peek into my world. Yes, you see on a weekly basis what good things come out of my kitchen but you don’t see too much of what is beyond the kitchen. Normally because when I am away from the kitchen, we as a family, tend to unplug and just be a family. You will occasionally, if you are following, will see pictures on Instagram and thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

So what is up you say? Well as of next week I will be an official college student. Well why is this a big deal? I took 2 college classes when I was 19 and then that was it for me and college. I never went back and have no degree. Well I am sure I have a Masters in Mommy but you know, we don’t get any kind of document saying we succeeded. So 18 years later and I am going back to college. All of my courses will be online this first semester so I will definitely be around. It is going to be time consuming and challenging but exciting at the same time.

What I also have in mind later in the year is a mission trip to Bulgaria. Nothing is set in stone, for I am still discerning the trip but it is something that was laid on my heart last fall and I think it would be such a great opportunity.

On top of that I do a weekly bible study and have been since August. It is also challenging but it is helping me grow in my faith each and every day.

On top of taking care of our 4 kids, things can get a bit crazy and somethings on some days will be left out or on the back burner. There are just days you have to prioritize and sleep. But you know what I mean!

Don’t worry, I will still be in the blog sphere. That is a passion that I am not able to let go and I am still on this journey trying to see where it will lead. I do have a couple of guest post who are coming by to help me out while I am getting my feet wet the first few weeks of college. So look for those post, they are going to be great and I am so excited about the ladies who will bringing you their recipes.

What are your goals for 2014?

13 thoughts on “2014

    1. Nancy P. Post author

      Thanks Brenna! Hoping things go according to the plan but definitely leaving room for things to change and evolve!

  1. Kelly

    Hi Nancy, that’s awesome and so exciting! What an awesome adventure for a busy mama to embark on but you will rock girl! Good luck and here’s to an amazing 2014!

  2. Kate@Diethood

    College, shmollege… pshhht! Who needs that?? ;-)
    Don’t leave us, Nancy!! Juggling all of that will be tough, but who knows, you might find a perfect balance. Good luck to you in everything you do! I went to college, graduated with a 3.98, and I even have a Master’s Degree… however, I have yet to “use” it. That is, I am using the knowledge, but I never used that degree to get a job.

    If you go to Bulgaria, then you might as well hop on over to my home country, Macedonia – it’s right next door! :-D
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