Food Photos from Italy

So while I have company and currently traveling with them I thought it would be fun to show you guys some Food Photos from Italy. These photos are just from various restaurants and things Nonna cooked while I was there!



Gnocchi! I am so hoping Nonna will make us some while she is here! This has two sauces on it. One is Ragu, which I have made for you before! The other is a mixture of mascarpone cheese and gorgonzola! Seriously the best thing ever!!
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IMG_6575 IMG_6591

One pizza is red onion and sausage! One of my favorites as well! Actually I haven’t found a pizza there I didn’t like. Do you see the size of these things? Guess what? This one is only for me! And I can eat it all! Basically it comes to you in a box if you order at home or on a large plate in a restaurant. Grab and knife and fork and go to town. And believe you me I do!!


Pizza with hot dog! Yes you got that right you can order hot dog and french fries on your pizzas!!

IMG_6834 IMG_6603


A typical salad you will get when you order one in a restaurant! And you don’t find much ranch but we always only use balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dress our salads.IMG_7369IMG_7371Seriously had to show you the fries, mayonnaise and ketchup they serve in restaurants. The fries are really good! I can’t figure out what they do but they are just awesome!

IMG_6743 IMG_6747

And of course the dessert! We can not forget that!! These are typical pastries you can find in just about any pastry stop and the last photo is hot chocolate! Yes you eat it with a spoon. Divine!!
Keep in mind when we are there we are in the north part of Italy so you won’t see thick crust pizza or lots of tomato sauce on your pasta. Their cuisine is lighter compared to what you would find in the south or to what you even may find here in America. Most of our influence here comes from the south of Italy.
Buon Appetito! Happy Eating!

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