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So about a month ago Stephanie@TheTipToeFairy sent me this message about how she was nominating me for the Liebster Award. I have actually heard of this award and had been nominated twice before. Well Stephanie has read my blog. She has done a guest post on my blog. So I knew if it was coming from her she was sincere about the nomination. So I thought it was time to be sincere about the acceptance.


Emily over at Jelly Toast had received this award not too long ago and she was so eloquent in her acceptance, that when I got the message from Stephanie I felt touched. I have been doing this blog for 8 months now, so I feel I have put in some time. I know now what it means to work hard at this and feel great when someone recognizes you for your work.

What’s the whole Liebster Blog Award about, anyway? Well, in it’s essence, it’s a great way to get to know new-to-you blogs, and learn a bit more about the people behind them. Here are some fun rules:

Post eleven facts about yourself.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.
Choose five to eleven bloggers with fewer than 200 followers {this number varies, not sure why but it does}to give this award to and link them in your post.
Go to their page and tell them.

So here are eleven facts about myself:

1.I am a believer in Christ.

2.I love to travel and miss Italy badly!

3.I speak more Italian than I claim I can. It’s the shy thing (read point 7)

4.I would bake everyday if I could.

5.Baking and cooking actually soothe me.

6.I come from a family of 6 kids, so I like a crowd.

7.The opposite of that I feel very shy and sometimes feel very uncomfortable in a crowd.

8.I have blue eyes and my hair is greying. I don’t color my hair.

9.I love my Dyson vacuum, it is one of the best gifts my husband has given me, other than my Kitchenaid!

10.I am a twin!

11.I love doing this blog even though it is hard work and consuming but I love it!

Here are the questions (and my answers) from The TipToe Fairy:

What’s the one thing you use everyday, you couldn’t live without? My coffee machine!
What’s your favorite book and why? The Bible, though I do not read it as much as I should read it.
Where is the farthest place you’ve traveled? Poland
Dog or cat person? I have discovered recently that I am neither.
Why did you start your blog? I spent so much time taking pictures, reading blogs, upload my pictures to our Shutterfly account for my family to see, I just knew that I could really do it. I could blog.
If you could only choose one of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, which would it be? Pinterest for sure! Since I originally answered this I found Twitter and I think I enjoy that better! It is like having a conversation in real time with people and you actually get people to talk back!
What famous person, living or dead, would you most want to meet? Right now in my life I think it would be really neat to meet in person another food blogger that I have been following. You spend so much time reading and commenting on blogs that you feel like you get to know a person through their words and their food. It would just be really cool to meet another blogger in person!!
What’s your favorite movie? Hands down Pride and Prejudice!
What’s your most favorite thing to wear? My around the house dress(so says my 4 yr old)
What food is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!
What’s your favorite thing to cook? Pasta. It can be made homemade. It can be from a box. It can be as simple as just having olive oil and cheese on it or you can really jazz it up with anything. Either way I just love it!

So I am nominating:

Caroline from SweetCarolinesCorner

Caroline from StumblingUponHappiness

Shauna from BarefoodandLovingIt

Andrea from TaylorMadeMarket

Ashleigh from BeingCheapisEasy

These are all different types of blogs. Some are seasoned professionals turning to blogging and some are stay at home moms like myself! Go check them out!

For the nominees my questions to you are:

1. Why do you blog?

2. What is your motivation?

3. What is your favorite thing to eat?

4. What is your lest favorite thing to eat?

5. If you cook on your blog, who eats your left overs? If you craft what do you do with the things you have made?

6. What is your day job?

7. What do you do to stay healthy?

8. What one tip as a blogger can you share with the rest of us?

9. Is this a career path for you?

10. What makes you smile?

11. What makes you laugh?


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